About Conferences

a) The AFGW Triennial Conference (now superceeded)

women-groupThis was a national meeting of Members and State and Territory Associations that determined AFGW policies for the coming triennium, decided on any changes to the Constitution, and elected the incoming Office Bearers (the Executive). In 2013, it was decided to discontinue the Triennial Conference and replace it with Annual General Meetings

2012 35th Triennial AFGW Conference held in Brisbane Public Day Papers are available for members in the Members’ Section

2009 34th Triennial Conference held in Sydney

2006 33rd Triennial Conference held in Canberra 

 b) The GWI Triennial Conference

confer_3808cThis is held every three years, hosted each time by a different national affiliate. Recent Conferences have been held in Cape Town, South Africa (2016); Instanbul, Turkey (2013); Mexico City, Mexico (2010); Manchester, England (2007); Perth, Australia (2004); Ottawa, Canada (2001); Graz, Austria (1998); Yokohama, Japan (1995); and in Palo Alto, USA (1992). The Conference offers interdisciplinary seminars and workshops, opportunities for networking, and international friendship. Click here to see All Conferences

Final Resolutions as agreed by the GWI General Assembly in August 2016 in Cape Town

Resolutions were passed on the following issues: Bullying, Disability, Polygamy, Harassment, Tolerance, FGM, Trafficking, Child marriage, Carbon taxes, Young members. The resolutions are available 2016 GWI Resolutions (password required).

Next GWI  Conference will be held in conjunction with GWI’s 100th Anniversary – Peace Through Education. Geneva Switzerland has been selected as the venue for the next GWI triennial conference, and took place in August 2019. President Jaya Dantas and CIR led a delegation of 18 Australian members. A report is available on the publications link.