Policies and Attitudes

These result from the decision of the 34th Triennium of AFUW/AFGW to review and archive the existing general and administrative resolutions. The archive allows the historical direction to be maintained, whilst ensuring currency of the resolutions to help direct the activities of the organisation.

As far as practicable, the headings of specific resolutions relate to the existing Standing Committees and philosophy of AFGW. The AFGW Council should be kept informed of action taken by State and Territory Associations on any of the AFGW resolutions, and it is suggested that each association appoint a committee member to be responsible for notifying the Convener of the National Resolutions Standing Committee.  She will report to each Conference on actions taken and may suggest avenues for further action.

General Policy Resolutions

1. Status of Women 2. Education 3. Health and Welfare 4. Employment 5. Social Environment 6. Physical Environment 7. Indigenous Affairs 8. Peace 9. International Relations 10. The Criminal Justice System

Administrative Resolutions

1. Structure 2. Conferences 3. Fees and Levies 4. Awards and Fellowships 5. Formalisation of State and Territory Association Constitutions

Download the latest Policy and Attitudes Booklet Policy and Attitudes Booklet as at 2016 AGM