The Beryl Henderson Memorial Grant value up to A$1500.00

The Beryl Henderson Memorial Grant has been offered every second year to a female student or researcher in an Australian university to assist in the completion of a research project. The grant was made to honour the memory of Beryl Henderson (1897-1990), a leading women’s rights campaigner in Britain, Israel and later in Australia. Click here to earn more about Beryl Henderson

Women students in any branch of learning were invited to apply. Selection was based on merit but research focusing on issues related to the rights and welfare of women and children were viewed favourably.

The 2012 winner is Ms Georgina Gurney.

Thesis Title: Improving the success of marine protected areas: integration of social considerations into Systematic Conservation Planning

Georgina completed her BSc with Honours in Marine, Freshwater and Antarctic Science at the University of Tasmania. Her Honours research involved developing a bio-physical simulation model to explore potential reef futures under multiple management and climatic scenarios in the Philippines. Georgina’s experiences in the Philippines inspired her to pursue a PhD in understanding the human dimensions of marine resource management, which she is currently undertaking at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University.

Supervised by Bob Pressey, Natalie Ban, Josh Cinner and Nadine Marshall, her research focuses broadly on how social factors can be incorporated into the design of marine protected areas (MPAs), bounded areas in which fishing is restricted. This research is motivated by the failure of MPAs to stem coral reef degradation, a problem attributed largely to insufficient understanding and incorporation of socioeconomic factors in MPA design and management. Given the critical dependence of millions of people on coral reefs and the rapid rate of their decline, further research on how to incorporate human dimensions into MPA design and management is urgently needed.

Georgina proposes to use the Beryl Henderson Scholarship to assist her in undertaking a component of this research dealing with how to integrate fisheries livelihood objectives into MPA planning to enable designs to be better aligned with the needs of local stakeholders and ensure equitable impacts of management on all stakeholders. Consideration of livelihood factors will increase the likelihood of gaining stakeholders’ acceptance and adherence to management, which is vital to achieving biological and fisheries objectives of MPAs. More specifically, the scholarship would support her to undertake fieldwork in her study site, Fiji, where she would work closely with her collaborators, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), to elicit the location of various stakeholder groups’ fishing grounds. This information would be later incorporated in the development of a novel method for integrating fisheries livelihood objectives into MPA design to achieve equitable impacts.

The outcomes of this research will aid the implementing of MPAs in the study area, as well as benefiting management more broadly by providing a novel technique for achieving equity of impacts of MPAs.

The Grant was last offered in 2012. It will not be offered in the future. View other AFGW Fellowships


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