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Graduate Women International (GWI)

Call for the Caroline Spurgeon Fellowship Applications Application Form  Guidelines

Closing Date is 1 December 2018


Call for 2019 Chitra Ghosh Award is here. Deadline to apply has been extended to 1 December 2018.

Call for 2019 Nazan Moroglu Young Member Award is here. Deadline to apply has been extended to 1 December 2018.


BFWG, FfWG and NZFWG fellowships and grants additional to the Caroline Spurgeon Fellowship are now open for application. For additional information on these fellowships and grants including deadline for applications please email fellowships2019@gwi.graduatewomen.orgApplication form for fellowships other than the Caroline Spurgeon Centenary Fellowship is here.


Quantitative Biomedical Science is Biological/Biomedical Research that employs a quantitative approach, particularly in areas such as Computational Biology, Biophysics, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Genomics, Structural Biology, Cell Biology etc.

The Georgina Sweet Awards for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science were created by Professor Leann Tilley as part of her Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship program to promote and support female scientists who demonstrate excellence in the area of Quantitative Biomedical Science.       See http://mdhs.unimelb.edu.au/equity-and-diversity/georgina-sweet-laureate-fellowship/georgina-sweet-awards for details.

* Georgina Sweet Award for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science: Up to two awards of $25,000 will be made each year to Australian female researchers who demonstrate excellence in the area of quantitative biomedical science.

* Georgina Sweet Travel Support for a Female Keynote Speaker in Quantitative Biomedical Science: Up to three awards of $3,000 are available each year to support the attendance of a female keynote speaker at an Australian conference.  Applications are open at any time until awards have been allocated for the year.


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New Funding: The Capstone Editing Grant for Mid-Career Researchers provides up to A$10,000 of seed funding for one researcher per year to undertake an innovative research project. The expectation is that the research project will gather preliminary data and lead to the development of a research council funding application. The award is made on the basis of both academic merit and financial need. Applications are open from 1 July to 30 December every year. The grant will be awarded on 1 March the following year. For details and an application form see https://www.capstoneediting.com.au/midcareer-grant

Other Capstone Editing  Scholarships: For information, guidelines and application forms for the following, go to https://www.capstoneediting.com.au/scholarships

* The Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Womenprovides up to A$5,000 for one academic per year to assist with the costs associated with a research project of her choosing leading towards a publication.

* The Capstone Editing Carer’s Travel Grant for Academic Womenprovides up to A$3,000 for one academic per year who is the primary carer of at least one child under five years old.

* The Capstone Editing Conference Travel Grant for Postgraduate Research Studentsprovides up to A$3,000 for one student per year to assist in covering the costs of attending a conference in relation to their degree.

* The Capstone Editing Laptop Grant for Postgraduate Coursework Studentsprovides one student per year with A$3,000 (tax free) to use to purchase a computer or laptop and software.

* The Capstone Editing Research Scholarship for Honours Studentsprovides up to A$3,000 (tax free) to one student per year to assist with covering the costs associated with the research for their thesis.

* The Capstone Editing Textbook Grant provides A$3,000 to one undergraduate student per year to assist in covering the cost of their textbooks for the duration of their degree.