Graduate Women SA Centenary Bursary

Recommendation: Ms Jody Claire FISHER                        $2000

Degree: PhD in Mathematical Biology

Institution: Flinders University

PhD Title: “Universal laws in microbial ecology”

Project: “Microbes regulate many natural systems on earth, from the human body to coral reefs to groundwater. However, the sheer number and complexity of interactions in microbial systems make them nearly impossible to comprehend. By using novel methods from the new mathematical discipline of complex networks, I will develop network models of microbial communities to better understand and potentially control these systems”.

Purpose: Conference attendance: International Society for Subsurface Microbiology, November 2017, Rotorua, New Zealand.

Recommendation: Mr Hailay Abrha GESESEW                                               $3,000

Degree: PhD in Public Health

Institution: Flinders University

PhD Title: “HIV Care Continuum in Ethiopia”

Project: “My PhD aims at assessing the HIV care continuum outcomes in Ethiopia. The main objectives include assessing the performance of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 treatment targets, characteristics of late presentation for HIV care, and predictors of attrition among HIV-infected people age groups. In addition, the PhD will qualitatively explore about the belief and motivation of ART uptake through interviewing HIVB-infected people, care workers and administrative workers.”

Purpose: Conference presentations (3): 7th Asia Pacific STD and Infectious Diseases Congress, Osaka Japan, October 2017.

Recommendation: Ms Carly Ellyse GREGOR                                                    $3,000

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Sciences)

Institution: University of Adelaide

PhD Title: “Atypical chemokine receptor 4 restrains anti-tumour CD8+ T cell responses in breast cancer”.

Project: “I am researching a protein called ACKRY and investigating how it can influence the immune response to breast cancer. I am also testing to see if we can target this protein as a potential therapeutic treatment for cancer. In addition I am researching a protein called CCR2 and determining how CCR2 controls the movement of a certain immune cell to sites of infection.”

Purpose: Conference attendance & presentation: International Cancer Immunotherapy, Germany September 2017. Also meet with laboratory heads to discuss potential postdoctoral work.

Recommendation: Ms Judith Andrea LEWIS                                    $1,000

Degree: PhD in Social Sciences (Geography, Environment & Population)

Institution University of Adelaide

PhD Title: “Great Expectations:  Baby Boomer Women and Older Labour Force Participation”

Purpose: Financial support for extension of candidature, necessitated by non predictable events including death of primary supervisor & chief investigator of the ARC Linkage Project in which the PhD is embedded.

Recommendation: Mr Benedict KING                                                 $1,000

Degree: PhD Biological Sciences, Vertebrate Palaeontology

Institution: Flinders University

PhD title: “Morphology and phylogeny of early gnathostomes (jawed vertebrates)”

Project: “I use computed (CT Scans) to investigate sensory systems in early vertebrate fossils from the Devonian period (around 420- 460 million years ago). These CT scans allow me to look inside fossils and investigate structures in 3 dimensions. A major part of my project involved looking for evidence that these early vertebrate groups had electroreception (the ability to detect electric fields, a feature of modern day sharks). The second major part of my thesis concerns new methods for reconstructing evolutionary trees (tree showing the relationships of fossil groups to each other). These methods are based on a model of the evolutionary process, and I investigate how this could lead to improvements over other, simpler methods. I also look at how the changes to evolutionary trees brought about by these methods impact our understanding of the early evolution of vertebrates.”

Purpose: Living expenses to complete write up of thesis, as scholarship expires in June 2017, and no funding available for scholarship extension. Extension to time was required for circumstances beyond candidate’s control.

Recommendation: Mrs Nina Louise JAMES                                                      $1,000

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Environmental Science)

Institution: University of South Australia

PhD Title: “Environmental Identity and Citizen Science”

Project: Citizen science engages members of the general public in scientific research & has made valuable & empirically valid contributions to numerous fields of science across the world. … Citizen science is flourishing in Australia, with more than 130,000 Australians contributing to over 90 different citizen science projects in recent years. … This project charts new territory for the field of citizen science, exploring the extent to which personal & social environmental identity and other factors influence participation in citizen science in adulthood. . .. My research findings will provide practitioners and funding organisations with a greater understanding of who is participating in their projects and why, as well as who is not getting involved and what it is holding them back. This information will support the design, development and implementation of targeted participation strategies in different citizen science contexts and will contribute new insights to citizen science as a field of research.”

Purpose: Contribution to living expenses in final thesis writing stage, as scholarship stipend ceases 28th June 2017. Extension to time was required for circumstances beyond candidate’s control.


Diamond Jubilee Bursaries

Recommendation:  Ms Marian BAILEY                        $2000

Degree: Master of Archaeology and Heritage Management

Institution: Flinders University

Thesis title: “Tracing the mobility of homo Erectus prey from the Lower Palaeolithic site of Holon, Israel”.

Program: The Master of Archaeology and Heritage Management course aims to meet the research and professional needs of graduates with an interest in Australian archaeology, archaeological field practice and cultural heritage management.  It aims to increase the theoretical knowledge and research, practical and applied skills required to develop appropriate depth of understanding of issues in a number of related specialisations in archaeology and cultural heritage management; and to provide students with the opportunity to complete a substantial research project. The course draws on both theoretical and practical material and provides the opportunity for students to apply both the principles and the practical skills developed during the course.

Purpose: Financial support for living expenses: resign from night shifts while undertaking bulk of data collection & analysis for her thesis. Fees incurred because of study commitments, & short-term assistance with living and study expenses to assist in degree completion, especially during teaching practicum (loss of income).

Recommendation:  Ms Duana Rose FISHER                             $1000

Degree: Master of Architecture

Institution: University of South Australia

Project: tbc

Program: This program has a core focus on Design Studio as a place of integration for other streams of learning. The Design Studio courses allow students to develop capabilities in areas such as sustainability, construction and documentation, urban design, contemporary design theory and digital exploration.  Student-directed learning is an important facet of the program, which offers extensive opportunities for specialisation according to individual preferences. Students can pursue specific areas through the major research components of the program and through advanced electives such as remote construction, urban design, sustainable design, conservation, digital environments and architectural history and theory.  The program also offers an excellent Student Design and Construction program, which enables students to engage in real-life

Purpose: Assistance with living expenses in final period of studio submissions and graduation exhibition, to produce high quality work.

Recommendation:  Miss Ashton Taylor GROSE                         $1000

Degree: Master of Occupational Therapy

Institution: Flinders University

Program: The Master of Occupational Therapy is a 72-unit coursework program which is offered by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.  It requires two years of full time study and is not offered externally or on a part-time basis. The course equips graduates to meet the entry level competency standards specified by the Australian professional accrediting body, Occupational Therapy Australia Limited. The overall aims of the program are to prepare students for professional practice as Occupational Therapists.  Graduates will be able to practise across a range of settings, including rural and remote areas.  Emphasis will be placed on preparing a contemporary health professional to be client-centred and to work effectively within an interdisciplinary team.

Purpose: Assistance with living expenses during placements and fund Professional development Training: Occupational Therapy for Children.


Trish Ryan Bursary $2000

Recommendation: Miss Katarina JERBIC

Degree: PhD Archaeology

Institution: Flinders University

PhD Title: “The Submerged Prehistoric Pile-Dwelling Settlement in Zambratija, Croatia.

Project: This PhD research is examining human and environmental adaptations to climate and sea-level changes that were occurring in the Adriatic basin about 6000 years ago. The research is part of an interdisciplinary project which has a case study site at a submerged prehistoric pile-dwelling settlement in the bay of Zambratija, Croatia. Here, around 4000BC, the landscape and overall living conditions were changing more rapidly than usual, and the people had to male clever and quick adaptations to the environment. The focus of the research is to determine the adaptive pathways developed by the prehistoric human society of the Zambratija settlement in order to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Whist this project focuses on prehistory, it resonates across historical periods to the present day where knowledge about the prehistoric adaptive framework can help modern day coastal populations adapt to similar rapid and possibly catastrophic climate change.

Purpose: Out of pocket fieldwork expenses (geological coring of the seabed, dendrochronological analysis) – 2017.

Winifred E. Preedy Postgraduate Bursary $2500

Recommendation: Miss Vanessa ANFITEATRO

Degree: Masters of Public Health (Population Oral Health)

Institution: The University of Adelaide

Purpose: Provision of financial assistance with costs of tuition fees and textbooks and so increase study load to complete in a shorter time frame with the potential to undertake a PhD. Vanessa is on track to be the first graduate from Bachelor of Oral health program at the University of Adelaide to complete the Oral health specialization in the Masters of Public Health.

Winifred E Preedy Undergraduate Bursary $1000

Recommendation: Miss Bianca STOTT

Degree: Bachelor of Oral Health

Institution: The University of Adelaide

Purpose: Financial support for completion of placement and so degree as a whole: especially to undertake 7 week rural placement (Whyalla, S.A.)