Australian Federation of Graduate Women is the national voice of graduate women working for the advancement and well-being of women and girls through education.

Members share the fellowship of like-minded women as they participate at local, state, territory, national and international levels in activities such as fundraising for scholarship programs Scholarships, setting up projects to assist women, advocating on women’s issues, especially in the spheres of Education and Human Rights, and networking.

What Does Membership Provide?

* Membership of a Branch, STA, AFGW Inc and GWI and opportunities to  become involved in a variety of activities and projects.

* The opportunity to participate in leadership and decision-making at local, state, territory, national and international levels

* AFGW Publications include the three AFGW national e-Newsletters. Some STAs also have their own newsletters and websites and some Branches have their own newsletters and websites.

* The right to attend the GWI Conferences and AFGW AGMs and Council Meetings.

National, State and Territory Activities

* Provide Scholarships (fellowships, grants, and bursaries) for women undertaking postgraduate degrees and research, undergraduate degrees and, in some incidences, training.  click here to go to Scholarships

*Lobbying and submissions to the parliamentary process;

* Has a national voice on women’s affairs both independently and through its membership of economic Security4Women Inc. (eS4W) and Equality Rights Alliance (ERA) two of six National Women’s National Women’s Alliances

* Meetings with speakers on current issues;

* Social activities and friendship;

* Book Groups:

* Opportunities for networking, sharing of information and resources, and exchange of ideas;

* Seminars and workshops;

* Support for women’s projects in developing nations;

* Opportunities to develop leadership and NGO governance skills;

* Network of links to national and international women’s organisations and activities.

International Activities

Members may participate in the GWI Projects

AFGW Projects

Reports of AFGW/GWI projects and advocacy were presented to the 32nd, 31st, 30th and 29th IFUW/GWI Conferences in Cape Town, South Africa; Istanbul, Turkey; Mexico City, Mexico and Manchester, Great Britain during August 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 respectively. Members may view the reports on the Members Section (password required).

State and Territory Associations (STAs)

You become a member of AFGW and GWI by joining an STA. STAs are incorporated in their own right and have their own Committee structures, budgets and, in some cases, branches. ACT, South Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory currently lack an STA and members located there can join an active STA of their choice or become an Independent Member. Click here for information Independent Membership. Each STA has its own Scholarship program and advocates on State/Territory and local issues to State and Territory governments.


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