Letter to the Prime Minister imploring that Australia demand that the women of Iraq are given full equal rights under the constitution being developed now (August 2005).
Click here to download letter (pdf 52KB)

Similar letters were sent to the Minister for Foreign Affairs (pdf 51 KB, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs (pdf 50KB) and Leader of the Opposition (pdf 51 KB).

Letter to the Federal Minister for Education, Science and Training voicing opposition to the abolition of voluntary student unionism; copies to Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for Education, Leader of Democrats, Leader of Greens (July 2005).
Click here to download letter (pdf 47KB)

Submission to House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Vocational Training- Inquiry into Teacher Training (March 2005).
That all Education Faculties should accept as policy the following recommendations (recently made to the Victorian Institute of Teaching), namely
That all pre-service programs ensure that all teacher graduates have participated in a range of educational experiences that have:

been developed in conjunction with local Indigenous communities and/or Indigenous peak bodies

raised the awareness of historical, cultural, socio-economic and educational issues concerning Australia’s Indigenous peoples

focused on appropriate pedagogy and curriculum for Indigenous students;
That, as soon as is feasible, an audit be conducted by the accrediting body in each State to establish that the policy is being put into practice in every institution responsible for teacher training;

That more effort be made to encourage Indigenous people to take up teaching as a career: e.g. by reserving places for Indigenous students in schemes such as the DEST scholarships to encourage males to train as primary school teachers.
Click here to download submission (word doc 65KB)

Building University Diversity: Future Approval and Accreditation Processes for Australian Higher Education. A Response to the Ministerial Issues Paper (April 2005).  Click here to download response

Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Human Service- Inquiry into Balancing Work and Family (April 2005).  Click here to download submission

Letter to the Prime Minister requesting a list of the voting issues raised at UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) over the last 24 months and how Australia voted (January 2005).  Click here to download letter

Letter to the Prime Minister about adherence to the Geneva Convention by Australian Forces in Iraq (January 2005).  Click here to download letter


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