AFGW has a national voice on women’s affairs both independently and through its membership of Security4WomenInc. (eS4W) and Equality Rights Alliance. (ERA) two of six National Women’s Alliances funded for three years from 2017 to actively engaging with the Australian Government, through the Office for Women on policy issues as part of a better more informed and representative dialogue between women and government. Each of the Alliances has a specific focus: economic security, equality rights, violence against women, immigrant and refugee women, rural, and Indigenous women.

* economic Security4Women (eS4W) (formerly Security4Women) believes that economic wellbeing and financial security are essential ingredients to achieving equity for women and will enable women of all ages to have an equal place in society. The ability to achieve positive economic outcomes impacts on all aspects of women’s lives including their family, education, health, employment, housing and personal safety and can enable women to make informed choices.


Member Organisations –

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Equality Rights Alliance (ERA): Women’s Voices for Gender Equality is Australia’s largest network advocating for women’s equality, women’s leadership and recognition of women’s diversity. It brings together 56 organisations with an interest in advancing women’s equality. Equality Rights Alliance (ERA) is one of six National Women’s Alliances, led by the YWCA Australia with funding from the Federal Office for Women. Members are non-government organisations and social enterprises with a focus on the impact of policy or service delivery on women.


Member Organisations

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