The criteria for membership require the completion of a postsecondary qualification requiring at least two, preferably three, years of full time study and resulting in the award of a degree or diploma which provides a pathway to postgraduate study. The following will be eligible for membership of AGW:

(1) Any woman holding a degree from an accredited Australian higher education or tertiary institution.

(2) Any woman holding another tertiary qualification recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework as equivalent to or higher than a Bachelor Degree. Relevant TAFE qualifications would be Advanced Diploma, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate, Vocational Graduate Diploma, Vocational Graduate Certificate. Every member is a graduate of a recognized institution of higher learning; a graduate with a strong belief in education, action, fellowship and creating opportunities for other women.


AGW members are women from many different walks of life; from many areas of Australia and overseas; with diverse interests, skills and ability; with a keen interest in areas such as education, social justice, the environment, the economy and the arts.

Professional Backgrounds

Every member possesses a unique perspective and energy and has her own tale to tell.  We have among us lawyers who have practiced in diverse areas of law; teachers, principals and lecturers across the whole spectrum of education from pre-school to tertiary. Our members from the health care sector include doctors, pharmacists, nursing specialists, psychiatrists and psychologists. Commerce, business administration and economics are also well represented with economic advisors and administrators in the private and government sectors, accountants and marketing consultants while science is represented by, among others, microbiologists, biochemists, veterinary scientists, physicists, chemists and researchers.Those with a penchant for the Arts include several recreational writers, published authors, librarians, translators, artists, silversmiths, music lovers and devotees of the whole cross section of the performing arts.


While membership involvement is a priority of the organisation, it is recognised that not all women have the time to commit to national initiatives but wish to enjoy the friendship, networking opportunities and stimulation of AGW meetings and activities. Their membership is still valued. New members are always welcome and their contribution valued and greatly appreciated. It is our aim in 2019 and 2020 to continue to increase membership

Independent Membership

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