Australian Federation of Graduate Women Inc.

AGW Inc. is one of the member nations of the Graduate Women International (GWI), which has consultative status with the United Nations and its specialised agencies, including UNESCO and ECOSOC. AFGW thus has a voice through GWI on international matters of critical importance to the protection of human rights and the status of women and girls. Members enjoy fellowship and intellectual stimulation by sharing news and views with the international community through the GWI Triennial Conference and the GWI Networks (Connections, Advocacy and Young Members) and On line Discussion Forums. The informal GWI Pacific Graduate Women’s Network (PGWNet) gives AFGW members a special connection to other Pacific nations such as: Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea.

In December 2009 the Australian Federation of University Women changed its name to become the Australian Federation of Graduate Women (AFGW) and in April 2019 changed to National membership based organisation. This change, like the changes to international membership made at the 2007 IFUW Triennial Conference in Manchester, better reflects a globally changing high education sector. Now graduates from all Institutions of Higher Education, with a degree or the equivalent from any university or institution of tertiary education in the world can join us.

Alliances AGW has a national voice on women’s affairs both independently and through its membership of Security4Women (eS4W) and Equality Rights Alliance (ERA) two of six National Women’s National Women’s Alliances funded for three years from 2017 to actively engaging with the  Australian Government, through the Office for Women on policy issues as part of a better more informed and representative dialogue between women and government.

Mission Statement

Australian Federation of Graduate Women is the national voice of graduate women working for the advancement and well-being of women and girls through education.

Vision Statement

AGW members view education as essential for:

* Empowering Women

* Reducing Poverty

* Improving Health

* Supporting Human Rights

* Maintaining Human Security

* Building Peace.

Object Statement:

AGW will unite graduate women in Australia to work in friendship, cooperation and understanding with each other and the GWI network of sister graduates worldwide to:

* Promote equitable educational opportunities and lifelong learning

* Improve the status and wellbeing of women and girls

* Encourage women and girls to be active leaders and decision-makers in all spheres of public and private life

* Inspire and support women graduates to put their education and professional training to the service of the local, national and international community

* Promote the Vision of AGW amongst all people, irrespective of their gender, age, race, nationality, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation or other status.


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